Monday, 14 November 2016



Bands i've been listening to lately

In no particular order...


Amazing lyrics, general sadness. Frontman James Clayton uses his music to say things most people would prefer to leave unsaid. He uses his music as a way to let out his saddest feeling despite him saying it wont make him any better. James and his mate Dan, who plays the box and trolley!, have been growing more and popular. Despite James's distaste for his own music they continue to make music.

Teen suicide

Sad but calming lyrics with a low fi theme. not really much else to say.


Lyrics with deep meaning accompanied by memorable chords. Pretty much everyone knows who they are or have heard of them at some point in their lives.

Modern Baseball.

Long hooks accompanied by strong vocals and lyrics make this band very appealing to me.

American Football.

Old school emo inspired by redhousepainters. After breaking up that band's music became very popular. They recently got back together to create a new self titled album, though its not as good as the original.


TV Shows i've watched recently


A dramatization of the rise and fall of drug lord Pablo Escobar. I find watching the show very interesting to watch not only because the story is compelling but also because its based off real events.

Star trek: The next generation

I enjoy this show because it is set in an interesting universe. There's lots of detail put into the backstory of both the characters and the various races as well as the situations the crew of the enterprise get into. The characters grow over the course of the show and by the end of the show they have changed a lot and really evolved as characters.

Stranger things.

Uses elements from 80's movies to create an intresting and engaging drama with a cool, synth soundtrack.


An interesting drama about a night club owner trying to escape a life of crime. Gets better as it goes on, the dynamic between the main characters evolves as the show goes on.


A show about a psychopath who controls his urges to kill by killing other killers. Dexter evolves as the show goes on and by the end of the show he has become more like a normal person. His relationships with people also evolve and they become more than they were originally, as he begins to understand normal human behaviour.


movies i've watched recently.

Star Trek beyond.

The third film in the re-booted Star Trek film series. Heavy with action and CGI, plenty of action throughout the film however it has an anticlimatic ending which may disapoint some fans.

The dark knight rises

The final film in the dark knight trilogy. Plenty of action accompanied by great acting and a gripping story.

Captain Phillips

A biopic about the kidnaping and rescue of Captain Phillips. It features a brilliant performance from Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips and a gripping and tense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat right up till the end of the film.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The newest film in the beloved Star Wars franchise. Enjoyable story and great CGI, however it has been criticised for being too similar to the first Star Wars film.

Olympus has fallen
Great action movie based around an attack on the white house. Can be compared to films such as Die Hard for its close quarter action and its ' one man vs. the world' style.

Syfi thriller with a gripping story with philosophical elements. Features brilliant special effects for its time.

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