Monday, 14 November 2016

Doc Martin analysis

Doc Martin analysis 

The establishing shot is of an outdated doctor's surgery, lacking many modern items one would expect to see, this cultural code immediately positions the audience to regard the countryside as 'behind' in terms of technology and other advancements-this is a common stereotype of the countryside. The use of wide angle allows the audience to see the contrast between the suit wearing Doc Martin (who represents the city) and the two boiler suit wearing tradesmen (who represents the countryside) Doc Martin is positioned higher in the frame, which could connote power and authority, whilst one of the two workers appears lazy, he is stated, over weight and eating.  The room appears uncared for,   it is lit by natural soft key lighting and through the use of mise en scene we can see boxes piled up.

The wide angle shot is held for a prolonged period of time, this limited use of editing connotes the stereotype of slow and dull life in the countryside. It then cuts to a close up of the fat plumber who is looking up to Doc Martin which positions the audience to believe Doc Martin is more intelligent and powerful compared to the fat plumber. The scene then cuts back to Doc Martin and then to the youngest Plummer who is looking up towards both Doc Martin and the fat Plummer and this connotes to the audience the youngest Plummer has the least power and authority out of the group. The water pipe bursts open as the plumbers work on it and this suggests to the audience the plumber are not as skilled as they should be, reenforcing the stereotype that people from the countryside are unskilled. The camera slowly pans to the left while Doc Martin is forced to intervene, this connotes to audience that the audience should be focused on Doc Martin and not the burst pipe. The fat plumber does nothing to help Doc Martin which positions the audience to dislike the plumber and reenforces the slow and lazy representation of people of the countryside.  The old phone used in the scene suggested to the audience the country side is outdated and obsolete.

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